A Golden Story

A few weeks ago that day started as it usually does...Our morning was steady busy, and just before lunch I headed out to do some of my consulting work for about an hour. On my way back to the clinic, I called Dr. Willis to see if she would like to grab lunch before we started the afternoon. We spent a few minutes hashing out where to go, and finally landed on Sport's Break, which has a delicious meat and three for lunch! After we arrived, we received a funny text from Dr. Watkins about our meal. As it turns out, she was just across the restaurant finishing up her meal. She stopped by on her way out and told us about how her morning was going, and about this Golden Retriever that was likely not going to make it unless someone stepped in to help and adopted the dog.  Teresa, Paula and I agreed that we would take on the case and perform the surgery after hours that evening.  Jordan Graham, Daniel Stutzman, and Brandy Fuller graciously agreed to stay and help. After just a short while, we removed four large garments from her stomach. She woke up smoothly and rode back with me to Athens where Kristen and I have been caring for her. She is doing absolutely wonderful and I am truly grateful to everyone involved; this could not have worked out any better! Two clinics came together and saved a precious girl who has many great years ahead of her! God sure does work in mysterious ways...

UPDATE:  She now has a new home with an absolutely wonderful family that we have had the pleasure of caring for their pets for years.  We are so thrilled that she has found a new family and a new home.

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