The Digital Practice: What does it mean for you and your pet?


Emerald City Animal Hospital employs a fully digital EMR (electronic medical records) system.

Our receptionist, technicians, and doctors all build a picture of your pets health inside of our state of the art EMR, which will be becoming even more comprehensive in 2019 with our roll-out of of our cloud medical records systems. Our new software will allow us to provide you with a better experience during your visit through a state of the art program built just for veterinarians to help us manage all the complex cases we see, our digital images will be able to be shared instantly with referring hospitals, and interpreted by boarded veterinary radiologists. Our new in-patient management system will allow us to treat our hospitalized patients with unprecedented precision and provide top-notch care right here in Greenwood.

We use state of the art imaging systems from GE Sound, blood and urine analyzers from IDEXX, and some of the best diagnostic tools available. All of these tools fully integrate back into our records system so that we have a wholistic view of everything about your pet. We can see all the problems, diagnoses, prescriptions, and treatments they have had over their life. Having all of this information at our finger tips lets us respond faster to issues that arise. Our bloodwork values can be graphed over time, allowing us to catch diseases before they become an issue. Our digital images from the ultrasound, and radiograph machines are easily accessible in the exam room so that we can review them with you as soon as they are taken and interpreted.

We get it. All of this sounds a bit on the nerdy side right? And it is…but suffice it to say, all this amazing technology allows us to provide you and your pet with unprecedented care and helps you and us monitor your pet closely at every visit.