Our Day To Day


You ever have a rough week at work?  Well, as it turns out, so do veterinarians and their amazing support team.  


We strive every day to provide the best care, and treat all of our clients with the respect and care they deserve.  Unfortunately, everyone has bad days, and we get it.  We also get that it’s impossible to keep everyone that passes through our doors 100% happy about the experience they have in our hospital.  

Bearing that in mind, we came across this amazing new video that sums up pretty well why we do what we do and why we care so much and take to heart every little thing in our day, whether it’s good or bad.  

We thank those who trust us to care for their family and hope we can do better every day.  

Here’s to the ones that don’t judge and make every day...a whole lot better than the last.  


Love and Sincerely, 

Your Emerald City Animal Hospital Family