Team Spotlight: Lisa Dornberg


Lisa graduated from Abbeville High in 2011.  She has worked in the veterinary field since graduation and has a great love for animals.  She lives with her fiance, Ronnie, and their two daughters, Anneliese and Cera.  She has a shih tzu named Boomer and a cat, Sadie.  She enjoys spending time with her family and getting in the car to visit new places she has never been.


While people spend the most time at our hospital with our doctors and technicians, our reception team plays an equally important role in our ability to care for you and your pets!

Lisa is a hard working, dedicated member of the team and she provides a smiling face to our clients each and every day.  Since coming to Emerald City Animal Hospital before we moved to our new location, she has made a lasting impression on us in her ability to continue to smile and find the best in any situation.  Her love and dedication to our hospital, our clients and pets, and the rest of the team is an inspiration.  She always strives to make a difference and improve every day.  

Next time you are in the office be sure and thank Lisa for all she does, along with other members of our team!


Lisa & Brandy

Having a little fun during the solar eclipse.