Get Active! With your dog...

The subdivision sidewalk is not the only place you can walk your dog!  South Carolina and surrounding areas offer great hiking trails to take your pets our for a nice stroll.  We have a few tips for you before you embark and some recommended places to go!  

What to take with you...

Many pets are not used to strenuous hikes.  So, if you are embarking on a long trip up Table Rock, Pinnacle Mountain, or simply walking around Tallulah Gorge, be sure and take the following!

  • Plenty of water for you and your pet!  Filling up a large Nalgene should be adequate, and on some trails you will cross water that you can allow your pet to drink.  Be sure and take a bowl along as well!
  • Plenty of snack and a meal depending on how long you will be out there!  Our pets expend a lot more energy on the trail and gaining altitude than when just lying around the house or playing ball in the yard!
  • A leash!  Most places that are open to the public for hiking require your pet be on a leash.  This is for their safety and the safety of others along the trail.  There are, of course, some exceptions!  Cold Mountain trail to the summit in North Carolina allows dogs off leash (at least the last time we visited).  

Trail maps can be found using the All Trails app on the iPhone and Android so you don't have any excuse to stop you from setting out early in the morning on one of these hikes!  That brings us to our next recommendation though, which is, leave early!  The earlier you go, the cooler the temperatures are on your way up (the most strenuous part), and the easier the hike down is.  Arriving at a trail-head right at sunrise is usually the best way to tackle a hike!

***If you are venturing to Tallulah Gorge in Georgia, you CANNOT take pets to the Gorge Floor*** However, there is plenty of hiking around the rim and surrounding area.