Welcome to our hospital

Our new state of the art hospital, located in Greenwood, South Carolina.

...I was extremely pleased with my visit to Emerald City!!!! Hardly a wait time at all, very friendly staff, knowledgeable and thorough doctors and techs, beautiful reception area, clean rooms...
— Madison

Lobby,  Parking & Welcome Area

Our lobby and welcome area was designed with our patients in mind!  The space is open, bright, and provides plenty of seating and space for you and your pets!  We have a coffee station and TV for entertainment as well.  

The parking lot has convenience for handicapped clients, as well as a great place to take your pets on a walk before or after their visit.  

Patient treatment & surgery


Exam Rooms

Our exam rooms are designed with your pets in mind!  Our small patient exam rooms have  a spacious table to place your pets on, and the larger rooms have a fold down table to allow larger pets to have more space to move around and not feel cornered.

Now that you have seen our hospital...check out our awesome doctors and staff that make everything we do possible!

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